Workplace Equality

“Join the union, girls, and together say Equal Pay for Equal Work.”
– Susan B. Anthony

In the past decade, the amount of women CEOs has increased, yet overall equality in the workplace is still not where it should be. Women are still not being paid equally in comparison to their male counterparts. The National Women's Council advocates for progressive, positive change that all women will have equal rights in the workplace. NWC supports campaigns and rallies that advocate for equal rights and equal pay in all professions. While the glass ceiling issue is assumed to be a thing of the past, it still affects women especially in corporate America. NWC supports the shattering of it.

  • “Women were less likely than men to be employed in some of the highest-paying occupations, such as engineers, mathematical, and computer scientists. Instead, women were more likely to work in lower paying professional occupations, such as teachers.” (
  • “In 2009, women who were full-time wage and salary workers had median weekly earnings of $657, or about 80 percent of the $819 median for their male counterparts.” (
  • “Among women, Whites ($669) earned 86 percent as much as Asians ($779), while Blacks ($582) and Hispanics ($509) earned 75 percent and 65 percent as much, respectively.” (
  • “The value of women’s unpaid work is estimated to equal USD 11 trillion, or almost 50 percent of world GDP” (