Texas Top 50 Female Attorneys

The Texas Top 50 Female Attorneys have risen to the top of their chosen field or area of practice. Throughout their distinguished careers, they have achieved prominence and distinction in their fields of endeavor and cultivated a renowned reputation among their peers, the judiciary, and the public.

  • Holds at least 8 years of experience as a practicing lawyer
  • Possesses superior negotiation, persuasion, communication, and presentation skills
  • Displays integrity in her work and commitment to a strong personal code of ethics
  • Constantly strives to learn and grow by pursuing continuing training to reinforce her position as a leader
  • Possesses impressive knowledge of her specified field or area of practice and has invested numerous years to develop her particular expertise
  • Held in high esteem by those she works for and those she works with
  • Utilizes her knowledge and experience in a philanthropic manner to give back to her community
  • Serves as a role model to women and young girls by exemplifying the efficacy of a female in the legal field